>>BountyJobs: It’s All about Simplification!

BountyJobs: It’s All about Simplification!

If you haven’t noticed yet, BountyJobs has made some significant changes.

When you visit our homepage, what do you notice? Have you seen the raspberry header? The updated type font? A new styling of dropdown menus or graphics? Or perhaps there was a specific line of text at the center of it all: Simplify Your Entire Direct Hire Agency Process.


Simplification remains at the core of our current approach. We’ve decided to focus on our reach and primary efforts, not just our concept alone. In focusing on our reach and primary efforts, we’re able to more clearly define who we are and what we do. While having a hand in both sides of the market — the employer end and the agency end — we questioned how we could relay our messaging in a more succinct way.

How could we better present ourselves in a clear and consistent way? We know what our aims and ultimate goals are, but how could we translate this overall? Well, we got down to basics and we got to the point, not only for ourselves, but more importantly for our users.

How does this new presentation affect my colleagues in Support and me?

Simplify. Analyze. Deliver.

Our improved site is a reinforcement of the continuous exchanges we have with agencies and employers in Support daily. Our new site assists us greatly, as it provides a clear and detailed picture of what BountyJobs is, especially for our prospective users. Before a prospective user calls in, they have a very robust understanding of who we are.

This means a call received into Support questioning who we are moves from instructional to conversational. Given recent site changes, it’s been my experience that prospective users have questions related to user-specific site functions (i.e. How would I [perform a certain task] on your site?), as opposed to an overall definition of our concept (i.e. What is BountyJobs?). Simply put, and to borrow from our legal community, the latter is “asked and answered.”

Details matter and delivery matters. Our interface presents easy navigation and answers most questions. Of course, if something is more pressing and deserving of a fuller explanation, Support is just a call or email away.

We’ll simplify your inquiry or reason for reaching out to us, analyze the best course of action and deliver a proper resolution.

Explore the new BountyJobs, if you haven’t already!


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