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Erin Geiger is a seasoned Content, Editorial, and Product Engagement professional with two decades of experience creating content as well as overall content direction and strategy. Her background stems from a variety of online verticals ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 corporations.

By the Numbers: June 22, 2018

BountyJobs Bites HR Continues to Evolve as Strategic Arm The Numbers: Per a Paychex poll, 24% of HR pros call themselves ‘strategic partners’ while 17% say they are ‘compliance-focused’ and 12% state they are ‘administrative’. The growth of the adoption of technology in HR is said to have increased the strategic aspect – 95% of respondents have adopted technology for analytics – 90% lean on analytics to track time off and benefits while 85% use it to support decisions conveyed to senior management. Better Benefits Lure Employees Away The Numbers: A survey from Randstad U.S. found that only 39% of employees are satisfied with their benefits. 94% said they value benefits such as flexible schedules or student-debt help. 66% of respondents stated that benefits is the most important factor when considering an offer – 61% said they would accept an offer with better benefits, even if it meant a lesser salary. 55% of respondents stated [...]

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By the Numbers: June 15, 2018

BountyJobs Bites Hiring Forecast Strong into Q3 The Numbers: A survey released by ManpowerGroup ranked the U.S. as having one of the strongest outlooks for hiring among the 44 countries surveyed. 24% or more of the over 11K U.S. employers responding plan to increase staff in Q3. "We are seeing optimism from business leaders across the world because of an improving global economy, with better growth prospects and stronger business performance,” said ManpowerGroup Chairman and CEO Jonas Prising. “Employment levels are growing in many countries and the quarter ahead looks bright for jobseekers, as long as they have the right blend of technical and soft skills employers are looking for today. To support those people that do not have the right skills, and fill open positions faster, employers need to build talent through targeted upskilling and re-skilling programs. This will identify people’s adjacent skills, help them transition into new or emerging roles and enable employers [...]

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Our 2018 Benchmark Report is Here!

What It's All About Each year we take a deep dive into our vast treasure trove of data and curate a report tailored to the top trends and analytics across industries in third-party recruiting.  As we’ve been at this for over a decade, we have the largest database chock full of hiring metrics that have been instrumental in forming the recruiting strategies of untold numbers of talent acquisition professionals.  We do this because we know that finding the right person for your critical roles is imperative – and is even more of an uphill battle in this ultra-tight hiring market. Our 2018 report analyzes key data such as trends in salaries and fees across industries as well as recruiter performance and a look at where things are hopping geographically. In addition, we take a look at the top 5 game changers impacting talent acquisition today…and those that we’ll be keeping an eye on for 2019. [...]

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By the Numbers: June 8, 2018

BountyJobs Bites U.S. Unemployment Decreases Again The Numbers: U.S. unemployment rate decreased from 3.9% to 3.8% in May Monthly employment report showed an increase of 223K nonfarm jobs in May In May – Retail increased by 31K jobs, Healthcare by 29K, Construction by 25K Labor Department Reports More Jobs Than Candidates The Numbers: 6.7 million jobs available in May, 6.3 million available in April, 6.1 million in March In a statement, Secretary of Labor Alexander Acosta said “Never before have we had an economy where the number of open jobs exceeds the number of job seekers. This administration is committed to ensuring that all Americans have the necessary skills to access good, family-sustaining jobs. With the lowest unemployment rate in over 18 years and 3.4 million jobs created since President Trump’s election, this is a great time be a job seeker in the United States.” Labor Market in Best Shape Since 1970…But Raises Stagnant The [...]

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By the Numbers: June 1, 2018

BountyJobs Bites Summer Hiring is Up A survey from Snag finds that 46% of employers are increasing pay as competition for summer help is tight. 74% are planning on offering $11 an hour while only 53% of employers last year were doing so. 95% are adding more shifts to these season jobs – other tactics to lure candidates are full-time offerings as well as healthcare and paid time off. Hiring in Austin, TX Continues to See Double Digits Hiring jumped 22% in Austin in April from a year earlier, marking the third month in a row that the city has seen growth of 21% or more. The top 5 most scarce skills in Austin are comprised of Healthcare, Finance, and HR functions. Airlines in Severe Need of Pilots The demand for pilots is so severe that airlines are poaching instructors at flight schools in order to fill their open roles. Doing so is negatively impacting [...]

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By the Numbers: May 25, 2018

BountyJobs Bites San Francisco, NY, and Boston Increase Tech and Digital Jobs According to the Digital Jobs index, the San Francisco Bay Area increased the number of tech jobs by 4,375 for a 2.1% employment gain. NYC saw a 1.8% increase with 1,280 jobs while Boston had growth of 1.1% with 650 jobs. The growth in the Bay Area mostly came from the largest employers in that region, however, growth seen in NY was more broad with 70% of companies increasing open roles across software and internet sectors. Growth in Boston had 52% of companies adding jobs – 48% carried the same headcount or saw decreases. Female CEOs Decreasing in 2018 According to Fortune, 2017 saw a record 32 female Fortune 500 CEOs…but so far, 2018 is seeing a 25% decrease. The number of female CEOs has dropped to 24.  The CEOs that have left their posts have been a mix of veterans and those [...]

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By the Numbers: May 18, 2018

BountyJobs Bites U.S. Tech Jobs on the Rise, But Facing Lack of Talent The TechServe Alliance stated that the lack of IT talent contributed to the lack of growth in jobs for the industry. The growth of IT jobs squeaked by with a .05% increase to more than 5.3 million jobs – year over year this is a .96% increase with about 50,700 IT workers added. “While economic downturns result in slow or negative job growth because of lagging demand, we are seeing anemic job growth in IT because of a lack of supply,” said TechServe Alliance CEO Mark Roberts. “Despite robust demand in many IT skill sets, we simply do not have enough qualified IT professionals.” California, Hawaii, and Wisconsin Hit Lowest Unemployment in 40 Years In April, Hawaii took the top spot for lowest unemployment amongst all states in the U.S. at 2% - New Hampshire and North Dakota were right behind at [...]

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By the Numbers: May 11, 2018

BountyJobs Bites Job Openings Hit Record in March The Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey reported that March saw a record 6.6 million job openings. That’s estimated to be one job for each unemployed person – up from 1.9 people per job at the beginning of the Great Recession. In addition, the ‘quits rate’ which signifies confidence in the ability to land a new job after quitting, rose to 2.3%. Unemployment Rate Predicted to Fall Further The Conference Board’s Employment Trends Index (ETI) increased once more in April to 108.08 which is a barometer of solid employment growth. In addition, the Conference Board predicts that the unemployment rate for May 2019 to be 3.5% as the size of the working-age population stalls in growth. Job Growth Expected to Be Strong Throughout Summer “In recent months, the Employment Trends Index continued to improve, signaling that employment growth will remain solid through the summer,” said Gad Levanon, [...]

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By the Numbers: May 4, 2018

BountyJobs Bites Unemployment Hits 17 Year Low The U.S. unemployment rate dipped to 3.9% in April, though some analysts state this is due to a decline in the labor force participation rate. The Fed forecasts the rate will decrease to 3.6% in 2019. The economy added 164k jobs last month. What Impacts Grads Accepting or Declining Job Offers The ‘2018 Yello Recruiting Study’ found that almost 50% of respondents, made up of recent graduates and those about to graduate, were weighing multiple job offers. When asked why they declined offers, a negative experience with the recruiter was cited 20% of the time and the time it took for an offer to come through grabbed another 20%. Union Pacific Offers Big Bonus to Denver Hires Train crew positions at Union Pacific’s Denver facility could include up to $20K in hiring bonuses. The bonus is to be paid out over several points within the first 18-20 months [...]

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BountyJobs and Namely Partner Up!

We are so excited to be partnering with Namely, a leader in HR platforms for mid-sized companies! Pushing the Talent Acquisition Envelope This strategic partnership with Namely is part of our initiative to pursue innovation in Talent Acquisition. We're building a network of like-minded technology providers that are focused on improving the way companies recruit, attract, and retain talent. In this effort, we seek to include companies working to make a positive impact on both sides of the market - employers and agencies alike. We Say... “We are thrilled to be partnering with Namely,” said Stacey Steiger, VP of Product and Marketing at BountyJobs. “Harnessing the latest technology to create comprehensive platforms supporting both the talent acquisition and talent management sides of the table provides a much-needed solution for all involved.” Namely has built a platform that provides HR leaders the technology combined with the data they need to effectively support the employees in their [...]

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