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By the Numbers: July 5, 2019

BountyJobs Bites U.S. Adds 102,000 Nonfarm Jobs in June, Further Slowdown Expected The Numbers: 102,000 nonfarm jobs were added in the U.S. in June, signaling further slowdown June’s outcome is up from the 41,000 added in May but down from the 255,000 added in April and 158,000 added in March Source: ADP National Employment Report Transportation & Logistics Fastest-Growing Industry The Numbers: Job openings in June rose just 1.4% year over year Median base pay rose 1.7% in June to $53,422 per year Transportation & Logistics fastest-growing industry in spite of job growth slowdown Source: Glassdoor Tech Roles Take Top Billing in Mid-Year Report The Numbers: 67% of respondents to a recent report believe the ‘labor market is driven by job seekers, and therefore more than one-third plan to look for a new job this year’. Software developer (31%), registered nurse (15%), and computer support specialist (11%) are some of the jobs with the highest [...]

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By the Numbers: June 28, 2019

BountyJobs Bites Location Desired Over Pay for Hourly Workers The Numbers: Hourly workers reject job offers moreso due to long commute times rather than pay 38% of hourly jobs were turned down due to location 10% of job offers were turned down due to money 26% rejected job offers due to schedule inflexibility Source: BlueCrew Miami is Tops for IT Hires The Numbers: Miami has taken the number 1 spot for hiring IT workers 78% of IT hiring decision makers in Miami plan on adding full-time staff, which is over the 67% average seen nationally 91% said finding skilled IT professionals in Miami would be difficult Source: Robert Half Chipotle Launches New Bonus Program to Increase Retention The Numbers: The company’s new bonus program gives hourly employees the opportunity to earn up to an extra month’s pay each year Restaurant teams must reach specified goals to earn the bonus A free Chipotle meal per shift, [...]

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By the Numbers: June 21, 2019

Wage Growth & the Job-Hopping Trend Job-hopping, typically defined as switching jobs every two years or less, has become a popular trend within the current employment climate. In April, 3.5 million Americans quit their jobs. [1] A strong economy and low unemployment rate (3.6%) increase the confidence of those in the workforce to look elsewhere for employment. Per Andrew Chamberlain, chief economist at Glassdoor, “The high rate of workers voluntarily quitting their job is actually a healthy indicator. It’s a powerful signal that workers are feeling bullish about the economy today.” [2] About a quarter of U.S. employees are on the hunt for their next new opportunity, whereas the global average is 27%. [3] On the Positive Side For many, accepting a role with a new company can equal an increased paycheck. Most workers, 64%, look upon this trend favorably, which is up 22% from four years ago. Employees are doing the job shuffle as [...]

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By the Numbers: June 14, 2019

BountyJobs Bites Tech Jobless Rate Edges Down The Numbers: A modest 5,800 jobs were added to the tech sector in May The jobless rate within tech dropped to 1.3%, the lowest since January 2000 Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Job-Hopping Helped Majority of Millennials The Numbers: 75% of millennials feel that switching jobs a few times helped bolster their careers 40% of millennials have had four or more jobs since graduating high school or college 10% feel they are underemployed Source: Akumina Inefficiencies Abound for SMBs Looking to Hire The Numbers: SMBs have been too slow to hire, therefore resulting in missing out on quality candidates 61% stated that hiring was either their top priority or one of their primary HR goals. 47% said that time to hire was between 15 and 30 days on average 20% said their hiring time averages were between 31 and 45 days Source: BerniePortal Recruitment BountyJobs Reports: Sourcing Hacks [...]

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By the Numbers: June 7, 2019

BountyJobs Bites U.S. Job Growth Slows The Numbers: S. Private payrolls increased by just 27,000 rather than the 173,000 forecasted This is the worst performance since March 2010 when the employment market lost 113,000 jobs Small businesses with less than 50 employees were the hardest hit, losing about 50,000 jobs Source: ADP and Moody’s Analytics Most CPAs Optimistic About U.S. Economy The Numbers: 57% of CPAs in leadership roles are optimistic about the U.S. economy over the next 12 months 74% said the same in Q2 2018 This is the third quarter in a row that optimism has been at a high level Source: Economic Outlook Survey Mobile Job Application Process is Complicated for Most The Numbers: Job seekers applying online complete 53% fewer applications These job seekers also take 80% longer to complete each application 58% of Glassdoor users look for jobs on their phone Source: Glassdoor BountyJobs Reports: Cognitive Dissonance Series, Wage Growth: The [...]

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By the Numbers: May 31, 2019

BountyJobs Bites Hourly Workers Value Work-Life Balance More Than Pay The Numbers: • 77% of hourly workers said they needed ‘work-life balance to feel satisfied on the job’ • Hourly workers make up 60% of the total labor force • Source: Shiftboard with Lux Insights 90% of Manufacturing Companies Struggle to Fill Jobs The Numbers: • Almost 90% of manufacturing companies cannot fill all open jobs • 98% of those companies are small businesses • Manufacturing businesses created 11.6% of the economic output from the U.S. • Source: SCORE Employers Think Workers Value Benefits Over Pay The Numbers: • A recent report found that employees are motivated most by money, in contrast to business leaders believing employees want benefits over higher paychecks • 41% of business leaders and 45% of workers agreed that a ‘company’s ability to navigate change hinges on its positive brand’ • Source: Washington State University BountyJobs Reports: Cognitive Dissonance Series, Wage Growth: [...]

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By the Numbers: May 24, 2019

BountyJobs Bites Millennials Dependent on Employers for Needed Skills The Numbers: 70% of millennials believe they are lacking in skills required for jobs, especially those for future roles Most millennials stated that employers are primarily responsible for training workers to meet these needs, however, Gen Zers thought that educators hold that responsibility. Source: Deloitte Almost Half of Gen Z Regret Accepting a Job Offer The Numbers: 40% of Gen Z workers said they regretted accepting a job offer More than half see themselves staying in their career at an organization long term More than a third who regretted accepting a job offer planned to quit within a year Source: Gartner One-Third of Candidates Back Out of Offers The Numbers: 28% of candidates say they have accepted a job offer but then changed their minds 44% stated they reneged due to getting a better job offer while 27% received an acceptable counteroffer from their current employer [...]

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By the Numbers: May 17, 2019

Special Edition: Close-Up on Our Third-Party Recruiting Benchmark Report For over a decade BountyJobs has been at the forefront of tackling America’s hardest-to-fill roles, building tech-forward solutions to help employers leverage third-party recruiting to find the best talent for their most business-critical positions. Our annual report serves as the primary go-to source of analytics for top talent acquisition professionals, supplying data covering top-performing industries and roles. Third-party search is often representative of the most challenging and hard-to-fill jobs in the employment market; as such, we look at not only recruiting performance but also agency compensation, salary ranges, and incentives to attract candidates. From SMB to Fortune 1000 organizations, these industry trends permeate every decision made regarding recruiting and hiring. In an increasingly challenging market, these toughest roles are the tip of the spear. Upon analyzing our database, we curate and share the most impactful analytics to help those in talent acquisition. In this ultra-competitive employment [...]

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By the Numbers May 10, 2019

BountyJobs Bites Unemployment Falls to 3.6%, Lowest in 50 Years The Numbers: The unemployment rate decreased from 3.8% in March to 3.6% in April, which is the lowest rate on record since 1969 263,000 nonfarm jobs were gained in April, a 67,000 increase in growth from March Source: U.S. Bureau of Statistics Stanley Black & Decker Opens Facility for Manufacturing Upskilling The Numbers: A new facility in Connecticut is opening for upskilling programs designed to prepare workers for the ‘digital-led manufacturing environment’ Tech advancements that improve collaboration between workers and machines will be explored, employing a team of 50 industry experts Source: Stanley Black & Decker Gen Z and Millennials Prefer Differing Recruiting Processes The Numbers: More than half of Gen Z prefer face-to-face communication rather than digital communication during the recruiting process 29% of Millennials state that the recruiter experience has the biggest impact on their decision to accept a job or not, while [...]

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By the Numbers: May 3, 2019

Job Creation Blows Past Expectations in April The Numbers: 263,000 non-farm payrolls were added in April, way beyond expectations of 190,000 Unemployment fell to 3.6%, the lowest level since December 1969, rather than staying at the March rate of 3.8% Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics Manufacturing & Transportation Take a Wage Hit The Numbers: ‘Real wages’ (adjusted for inflation) experienced negative growth to the tune of .8% over the year Wages may be up overall, but only a select group of jobs and cities enjoyed meaningful growth – tech hubs such as San Francisco, San Jose, and Seattle The Source: Q1 2019 PayScale Index Economists Forecast Slower Economic Growth as Hiring Slows The Numbers: While economic expansion is expected to continue over the next year, only 52% of panelists surveyed forecast growth in real gross domestic product to grow more than 2% This is down from 67% from respondents in a NABE survey in January [...]

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