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By the Numbers: January 11, 2019

BountyJobs Bites Job Cuts Increased by a Third Year over Year The Numbers: Between 2017 and 2018 job cuts within the U.S. labor force increased by 29% per a report from Challenger, Gray and Christmas, Inc. This was the highest increase since 2015. Retail was the industry with the largest amount of cuts at 98,563 jobs in 2018 – which marked a 29.15% increase over the 76,084 jobs that were eliminated in 2017. Technology followed retail in the highest amount of cuts at 86,341 positions in 2018 (a 124% increase over the same period in 2017). British Army Focuses on Recruiting Gen Z and Millennials The Numbers: The British Army reportedly understaffed and has launched a new multiyear, $600 million advertising campaign. Young people between the ages of 16 and 25 have become the focus as Major General Paul Nanson stated that the British Army would like to dismiss negative stereotypes surrounding Gen Z and [...]

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By the Numbers: January 4, 2019

BountyJobs Bites December Jobs Report: Unemployment Increase, Job Growth The Numbers: “The U.S. Labor Market saw an increase in employment in December, closing the year with the addition of 312,000 total nonfarm payroll jobs, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics' monthly jobs report. The growth occurred in health care (+50,000), food services and drinking places (+41,000), construction (+38,000), manufacturing (+32,000) and retail trade (+24,000). The unemployment rate rose from its sustained 49-year low of 3.7% to 3.9% in December, and the number of unemployed people increased by 276,000 to 6.3 million.” Private Payrolls Increase by 271K The Numbers: Per ADP and Moody’s Analytics, private payrolls soared by 271,000 – the best month since February 2017. An earlier forecast from Reuters saw the growth at 178,000. Professional and health services were at the forefront of growth, with medium-sized companies doing most of the hiring. Minimum Wage Increases Hit 19 States The Numbers: The new [...]

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By the Numbers: December 28, 2018

Happy New Year! Not sure how this happened, but we are at the close of another year once again. Talent acquisition in 2018 was quite the year -  we saw the historically low unemployment rate drop even lower, the alleged skills gap get wider, the adoption of technological innovations grow larger, the continued addition of new generations (we're looking at you, Millennials and Gen Zers), the list goes on and on. Day in and day out we at BountyJobs roll up our sleeves with a mission to support those in talent acquisition - arming you with the tools to assist you in having your most successful year - landing those ideal candidates quickly to keep you nimble and ahead of your competition at all times.  We put together this overview of reports and webinars published this year as a quick go-to resource. For starters, bookmark these pages: Reports and Guides Hub Blog Hub Annual Reports [...]

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By the Numbers: December 21, 2018

BountyJobs Bites 5% of Workers in each U.S. State Work Remotely The Numbers: A map of the U.S. remote work job market from FlexJobs found that 5% of workers in each state work remotely, on average. Colorado ranked highest with the percentage of remote workers at 7.9% - Mississippi had the lowest at 2.2%. Mobile-Friendly Solutions Priority for Employers The Numbers: Having mobile-friendly hiring processes has grown as a priority across industry sectors per a study from HireRight. 32% of technology industry employers, 29% of education employers, and 25% of retail and manufacturing firms were a few indicating a high level of interest for mobile-friendly application and screening processes. Blue Collar Workers Harder to Find The Numbers: Marking a reversal in the U.S. employment market, blue-collar workers are harder to find now than white-collar workers per The Conference Board. This research points to forecasts that blue-collar labor shortages will continue for the unforeseen future. Impacted [...]

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By the Numbers: December 14, 2018

BountyJobs Bites Job Growth Slows in November The Numbers: The U.S. labor market added 155K nonfarm jobs in November, per the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ monthly jobs report, which was 40K fewer than projected. The unemployment rate stayed at 3.7%, a 49-year low – for the third straight month. Several industries saw employment growth such as healthcare (32k) and manufacturing (27k). A Third of Workers Looking for Next Opportunity The Numbers: A survey from Ceridian found that more than a third of workers are actively or casually searching for their next role. 36% would consider a job jump if the situation arose – only 27% said they wouldn’t be interested in a job with a different company.  32% feel they would need to leave their current job in order to move forward in their career. Employees Desire Fair Treatment Along with Fair Pay The Numbers: 55% of respondents to a survey from Clutch ranked [...]

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By the Numbers: December 7, 2018

BountyJobs Bites Temp Revenue Growth Climbs to Highest in Three Years The Numbers: Per the Staffing Industry Analysts’ Pulse Survey Report, U.S. temporary staffing revenue growth increased at a median 11% year over year in October from September, which is up 9% month over month as well. This is the highest increase known since 2015. “October was a robust month for temporary staffing overall with median year-over-year revenue growth spiking to a three-year high of 11%,” SIA Research Analyst Sree Thiyagarajan said. “The healthcare staffing sector indicated a promising month in October, with all segments reporting double-digit growth in revenue from prior year.” Economy Still Solid, But Cooling Off The Numbers: The median forecast see real GDP growth at 2.9% on an annual basis this year, which is the same as the October 2018 forecast. These economists, surveyed by the National Association for Business Economics, still predict a 2.7% annual growth rate in real GDP [...]

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By the Numbers: November 30, 2018

BountyJobs Bites Money is Top Priority for Job Seekers The Numbers: Per a report from Monster, 44% of respondents stated that better pay is a main influencer of their job search. 24% are driven to get out of a career rut. Bad bosses also play a big part. Women Decreasing in Numbers from the Talent Pipeline The Numbers: A recent study finds a ‘leaky pipeline’ with entry-level women starting out earning 20% less than men and are 21% less likely to be promoted. Women, especially those of color, are disappearing from the talent pipeline including up to the C-suite, per research from Bentley University’s Gloria Cordes Larson Center for Women and Business. Tulsa, OK to Pay You to Work From There The Numbers: Tulsa’s new initiative, Tulsa Remote, offers financial assistance and bonuses up to $10,000 for remote workers and entrepreneurs to work there, per The Washington Post. Over 6,000 have already applied – included [...]

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By the Numbers: November 23, 2018

Hard to Hire 2018: Third-Party Recruiting & the State of Talent Acquisition Our annual survey report is hot off the presses! ‘Hard to Hire 2018: Third-Party Recruiting & the State of Talent Acquisition’ covers the valuable data captured from our annual survey and serves it up to you in an easy-to-digest report. Over 500 Human Resources, Talent Acquisition, Hiring Manager, and Recruitment professionals from a wide variety of industries and company sizes responded to this important survey. The talent acquisition challenges of today are unparalleled, so we ask, how are you navigating this roller coaster of recruiting while staying in front of your competition? The Realities of Today’s Hiring Landscape Today’s hiring environment is the hardest it’s been in decades! 90% of respondents feel the current hiring market is more challenging now than in the past. The culprit selected more than others? The historically low unemployment rate and gaps in skills needed for current open [...]

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By the Numbers: November 16, 2018

BountyJobs Bites Manufacturing Sees Unprecedented Workforce Shortfall The Numbers: The hiring crisis facing the manufacturing industry could get worse per a 2018 skills gap study from Deloitte and The Manufacturing Institute. The skills gap impacting the manufacturing industry is forecasted to increase from about 488,000 open jobs today to around 2.4 million jobs in 2028. Turnover is at an All-Time High The Numbers: Turnover in the U.S. was at 19.3% so far this year, which is a full percentage point up from 2017 and more than 3.5 percentage points since 2014 per a report from Compdata. The industries with the highest turnover were hospitality, healthcare, and manufacturing and distribution. Those with the lowest turnover were utilities, insurance, and banking and finance. U.S. Hiring Growth Flat The Numbers: Per LinkedIn’s November Workforce Report, U.S. hiring growth has leveled out. “Gross hiring in the US rose 3.8% year over year in September; seasonally adjusted national hiring remained [...]

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By the Numbers: November 9, 2018

BountyJobs Bites Unemployment Holds at 3.7% The Numbers: The unemployment rate held steady at 3.7% while the U.S. labor market gained 250,000 nonfarm jobs in October, per the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics monthly job report. The industries with the largest job growth were healthcare (36K), manufacturing (32K), construction (30K), and transportation/warehousing (25K). Employment Trends Index Increases in October The Numbers: “The Conference Board’s US Employment Trends Index rose in October, following a decrease in the prior month. The index in October rose 4.6% year over year to a reading of 110.72, up from the downwardly revised reading of 110.39 in September. “After last month’s decline, the Employment Trends Index bounced back and is signaling solid employment growth through the winter,” said Gad Levanon, chief economist, North America, at The Conference Board. “The main determinants of wage growth — economic growth, a tight labor market, faster inflation and labor productivity growth — are all aligning to accelerate wage growth.”” [...]

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