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By the Numbers May 10, 2019

BountyJobs Bites Unemployment Falls to 3.6%, Lowest in 50 Years The Numbers: The unemployment rate decreased from 3.8% in March to 3.6% in April, which is the lowest rate on record since 1969 263,000 nonfarm jobs were gained in April, a 67,000 increase in growth from March Source: U.S. Bureau of Statistics Stanley Black & Decker Opens Facility for Manufacturing Upskilling The Numbers: A new facility in Connecticut is opening for upskilling programs designed to prepare workers for the ‘digital-led manufacturing environment’ Tech advancements that improve collaboration between workers and machines will be explored, employing a team of 50 industry experts Source: Stanley Black & Decker Gen Z and Millennials Prefer Differing Recruiting Processes The Numbers: More than half of Gen Z prefer face-to-face communication rather than digital communication during the recruiting process 29% of Millennials state that the recruiter experience has the biggest impact on their decision to accept a job or not, while [...]

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By the Numbers: May 3, 2019

Job Creation Blows Past Expectations in April The Numbers: 263,000 non-farm payrolls were added in April, way beyond expectations of 190,000 Unemployment fell to 3.6%, the lowest level since December 1969, rather than staying at the March rate of 3.8% Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics Manufacturing & Transportation Take a Wage Hit The Numbers: ‘Real wages’ (adjusted for inflation) experienced negative growth to the tune of .8% over the year Wages may be up overall, but only a select group of jobs and cities enjoyed meaningful growth – tech hubs such as San Francisco, San Jose, and Seattle The Source: Q1 2019 PayScale Index Economists Forecast Slower Economic Growth as Hiring Slows The Numbers: While economic expansion is expected to continue over the next year, only 52% of panelists surveyed forecast growth in real gross domestic product to grow more than 2% This is down from 67% from respondents in a NABE survey in January [...]

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By the Numbers: April 26, 2019

BountyJobs Bites Half of Job Postings Focus on 39 Roles The Numbers: 49% of job postings in 2018 by S&P 100 companies focused on only 39 roles 51% encompassed 872 other roles “In the U.S., the 39 critical roles include software developers, marketing managers and computer system engineers/architects,” says Ashley Tatum, VP, Advisory, Gartner. Source: Gartner Cannabis Industry Spurs Colleges to Prep Students for New Careers The Numbers: University of Denver offers a business course where students pitch ideas for marijuana startups SUNY Morrisville will give undergrads the option to enroll in a new cannabis industry minor this fall Source: LinkedIn Some Retail is Booming, but Still a Concern The Numbers: Nail and beauty salons still hiring as most retail business moves online Job openings in the nail industry grew by 186% between 2017 and 2018 Salon and spa gigs grew by 150% within the same timeframe 78% of nail salon workers earn under $12.39 [...]

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By the Numbers: April 19, 2019

BountyJobs Bites Tech, Consumer Behavior Impact Major Q1 Job Cuts The Numbers: The highest quarterly losses in almost four years were seen in Q1 2019 Cuts were also up 10% over Q4 2018 Automotive had the most job cuts in March with almost 8,900, though retail had the most for the year at 46,061 cuts Source: Challenger, Gray & Christmas Workers Value Meaning but Few Employers Offer It The Numbers: 19% of respondents stated they were prepared to be leaders that would bring meaning back to work 90% of respondents stated that ‘reinventing the way people learn is important or very important’ Source: Deloitte CEO Turnover Increased 22% Year-Over-Year The Numbers: CEO turnover in U.S. companies increased by 22% in Q1 2019 over that of Q1 2018 135 CEO changes were reported in March, an 8.9% increase over February’s 124 Source: Challenger, Gray & Christmas BountyJobs Reports: 2019 Third-Party Recruiting Benchmark Report The Numbers: Each [...]

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By the Numbers: April 12, 2019

BountyJobs Bites Recruiting Timelines Differ for Job Hunters and Recruiters  The Numbers: 45% of those looking for a job found that less than a week was the shortest amount of time they’ve experienced between submitting an application and accepting a job 54% of recruiters surveyed stated that applicants should expect hiring to happen within a month or less 40% of recruiters say candidates should expect a response within 48 hours of an interview, however, 40% of candidates will wait a week for a response before losing interest in that job Source: Addison Group Recruitment is More Challenging and Expensive Than Before The Numbers: More than 50% of HR leaders plan to update their talent acquisition strategies over the next two years due to the challenging market today 36% of respondents state that the increased amount of open hourly and salaried roles are taking longer to fill 73% of respondents have increased starting pay for salaried [...]

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By the Numbers: April 5, 2019

BountyJobs Bites March Jobs Report: Rebounds from February The Numbers: 196,000 jobs added in March (up from the estimated forecast of 170,000) February jobs number was adjusted from 20,000 to 33,000 U.S. unemployment remained the same as February at 3.8% Source: U.S. Department of Labor Hiring Slows for U.S. Businesses The Numbers: Uncertain economic prospects caused U.S. businesses to slow down hiring in March As well, private payrolls have increased the least in over a year 129,000 jobs were added in the U.S. in March This slowdown could cause unemployment to rise again Source: ADP/Moody’s Analytics Women Less Likely to Pursue High-Paying Jobs The Numbers: Salary confidence points to men being more self-confident in the workplace than women Men applied for jobs $13,635 higher than ones applied to by women, causing an 18.3% pay gap Source: Glassdoor Female Gen Z Programmers Value Professional Growth and Flexibility The Numbers: Career development and work-life balance are two [...]

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By the Numbers: March 29, 2019

CPG Employers Plan a 10% Wage Increase The Numbers: Consumer packaged goods employers forecast an average wage increase of 10% This data is from over 500 decision-makers surveyed within the beauty, wellness/personal care, alcohol, food and non-alcoholic drinks, and cannabis industries. Source: ForceBrands Economists Raise 2019 Job Growth Forecast The Numbers: Projections for the annual average level of nonfarm payroll employment now suggest job gains at a monthly rate of 191,800 in 2019 – an increase over the previous estimate of 181,900 Conversely, in 2020 the forecast of new jobs falls to 123,200 monthly Source: Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia U.S. Experiencing Widespread Talent Shortage January 2019 had 7.9 million open roles with only 6.5 million workers looking for a job This marked the 11th consecutive month of more open jobs than there are workers to fill them Source: U.S. Department of Labor Almost Half of Workers Quit Due to Higher Expectations The Numbers: 48% [...]

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By the Numbers March 22, 2019

BountyJobs Bites Hiring Cross-Industry to Continue in Q2 The Numbers: 24% of employers expect a hiring increase in Q2 2019 72% of employers interviewed don’t plan for a payroll increase in Q2 Still, an overall positive hiring forecast of 19% is seen across the country Source: ManpowerGroup Job Openings Rise in January The Numbers: Job openings rose by 102,000 to almost 7.6 million, up from 1.4% in December Openings increased 15% on a year-over-year basis The top three industries with job openings in January: wholesale trade (91K), real estate (60K), and information (42K) Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics IT Job Growth Decreases in February The Numbers: The number of IT jobs in the U.S. decreased down to about 5.35 million jobs On a year-over-year basis, IT employment was up .27% in February – this is a growth of 14,300 more IT workers Source: TechServe Alliance Best Jobs for 2019 The Numbers: Jobs on the [...]

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By the Numbers March 15, 2019

BountyJobs Bites U.S. Hiring Forecast Strong for Q2 The Numbers: Double-digit hiring plans continue for the 7th consecutive year Hiring intentions remain positive for Q2 with 40 of 44 countries planning on increasing headcount Croatia, Japan, Greece the U.S., Hong Kong and Taiwan had the strongest outlooks Source: ManPower Group Inc. Gen Z Has High Expectations in Workforce The Numbers: Gen Z have tall orders when it comes to pay, promotions and diversity This generation is between 18-23 years old and are projected to be 25% of the workforce by 2020 Source: PR Newswire Retail, Hospitality Workers Concerned About Tech Skills The Numbers: 50% of those in hospitality, retail and telecom are worried about their lack of technical skills 27% of these workers say it’s up to them to get training – this jumps to 40% in telecom 37% stated that instructor-led training was the most engaging BountyJobs Reports: The New Recruiting Mindset: How to [...]

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By the Numbers: March 8, 2019

BountyJobs Bites Report Supports Idea of Declining Gig Economy The Numbers: Contingent workforce is getting smaller as workers were more likely to have a standard job in 2017 than in 2005 9% of workers were in nonstandard jobs in 2005, while 10.1% were in 2017 Source: Economic Policy Institute Manufacturing Employment Continues to Increase The Numbers: For 18 straight months, Manufacturing employment has increased This is the longest stretch since the mid-1990s Transportation equipment and machinery production are some that have impacted much of the growth The year 1979 had 19.6 million Americans employed in Manufacturing – today that number is 12.8 million. Source: The Wall Street Journal Hiring Flexibility in Demand in 2019 The Numbers: 40% of employers plan to hire full-time workers (down from 44% last year) 47% of employers plan to hire part-time workers (down from 51% last year) 50% of HR Managers have current openings with no qualified candidates Source: CareerBuilder [...]

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