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A Sneak-Peak at Top 2016 Recruiting Conferences: 9 HR Tech Speakers You Can’t Miss

This year is going to be exciting for talent acquisition leaders using human resources (HR) technology to amplify their recruiting efforts. ERE recently reported that the HCM market is booming – HR Tech is going to be a focus at top recruiting conferences in 2016.

According to a SHRM report pointing to Bersin by Deloitte research, companies are spending more than $40 billion per year on HCM technology – and it’s only going increase.

The market is booming, and industry influencers are noticing. Each of the top recruiting conferences this year will be talking about HR technology and its impact on the recruiting space.

We’re profiling nine recruiting conference speakers that we’re excited to hear from this year – one from each of the top 2016 recruiting conferences that have released their speaker lists.

Glen Cathey, SVP Talent Acquisition Strategy and Innovation, NRC

Leveraging the power of big data and information retrieval to power recruitment and souring, Glen Cathey is going to be a powerful voice in the HR tech space at Sourcecon. He has one goal – to hire more of the right people quickly.

He’s noted that he love to work on solutions that are powered by workforce data and science, big data, and predictive analytics globally. It’s not just about recruiting power, Cathey truly believes data can empower companies with a true competitive advantage – something he calls “Moneyball Recruiting.” You can tweet him here.

Gary Zukowski, Senior Vice President, CareerArc

A background in engineering, enterprise architecture, IT staffing and consulting goes a long way in creating a strong foundation for HR tech expertise. Zukowski has over a decade’s worth of experience in working with companies to leverage enterprise technology to gain top talent. He’ll be talking about how he leverages this experience (and how you can too) to better allow your technologies to help you recruit at the Social Recruiting Strategies Conference.

He’s a Business Leader’ Top 50 Entrepreneurs Award winner in 2010. He’s also talked to the major news networks – CNN, MSNBC, and Fox Business news about the enterprise technology industry. You can find him on Twitter here.

Robbie Bach, Former President of Entertainment & Devices And Chief Xbox Officer, Microsoft

The strategic mind behind the console Xbox is talking about how to leverage your HR technology for better human capital management at HCI Human Capital Summit. As Microsoft’s former President of Entertainment & Devices and Chief Xbox Officer, Bach knows a lot about how to generate a good company culture – and how to use technology to do it.

He is the expert that business leaders, entrepreneurs and organizations turn to for insight on strategy, leadership and people management. You can find him on Twitter here.

Virgina (Ying) Liu, Workforce Analytics and Planning Consultant, The Clorox Company

Virginia has a proven track record in generalist and specialist HR roles – all for the best-in-class HR organizations. Her work spans several industries, customer segments and geographies, but she’s really good at workforce analytics and planning. She’ll be talking about it at the HCI Workplace Planning & Analytics Conference this year, helping talent acquisition leaders leverage workplace analytics.

An expert on recruitment strategy and compensation, and how to tie it all together with a strong brand, Liu is taking the conversation about how to integrate HR tech into recruiting efforts to a new level. You can find her on LinkedIn here.

Peter Bregman, CEO, Bregman Partners, Inc.

Bregman runs a company that teaches organizations how to strengthen leadership within their walls. He believes that we squander an enormous amount of our individual potential by not prioritizing and focusing on the right things.

“It’s not that people don’t try hard enough; it’s that their efforts don’t reap the benefits they could.” – Peter Bregman

How do we find out what we should be focusing on? HR tech is a big part of these, and Bregman will take a deeper dive into the topic at SHRM Talent Management Conference and Expo this year. You can find him on Twitter here.

Shankar Vedantam, NPR science correspondent and prize-winning writer

Sometimes it’s nice to hear about science and technology in the workplace from members of the community that don’t necessarily have a stake in them. Shankar Vedantam is an NPR correspondent that lives in the world of human behavior – specifically how we can understand it better in the workplace.

This is exactly the goal of HR technology – helping us to better understand our workforce, and how we can optimize it based on organizational goals. Vedantam will talk about this and more at Indeed Interactive. You can find him on Twitter here.

William Uranga, Director of Corporate and Technology Recruiting, GoDaddy

A veteran when it comes to building recruiting teams and leading talent acquisition functions, Uranga has worked with a variety of technology names. He’s also not afraid to use it – he thrives on delivering company goals and tailoring programs for user experience.

He’ll be talking about his experiences as the Director of Corporate Technology Recruiting of GoDaddy at ERE Spring 2016. You can find him on Twitter here. We’re especially excited to see Uranga in person, as we’ll be exhibiting at ERE in the Spring.

Elaine Orler, President, Talent Function

Orler is Chairman and Co-founder of the Talent Board. She own Talen Function, a consulting firm focused on recruiting, and has been implementing HR solutions since 1993. She’s knowledgeable about the changes HR tech has brought to the industry, and will be talking about her experience at the HR Technology Conference and Expo.

She’s one of the talent acquisition industry’s most sought-after thought leaders – she’s made significant, global impacts in organizations throughout the world. You can find her on Twitter here.

Jason Warner, Founder, Recruiting Dash

A former global recruiting leader for several big names – Starbucks and Google included – Warner has made a splash in the recruiting industry since striking out on his own. He’s taken a dive into HR tech with his company RecruitingDash, a SaaS solution that enables companies to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

He’ll be talking about his 20 years of corporate recruiting, talent management and executive leadership experience at RecruitingTrends Conference this year. You can find him on Twitter here.

Where will you be connecting in 2016?

Conference in 2016 will be big for HR tech and the players involved. The organizational diversity, experience and breadth of speakers talking about how their leveraging technology in their careers speaks to the impact technologies of all kinds are having on HR and recruiting departments.

No matter what conference you choose to attend in 2016, you’ll have some great speakers to look forward to. If you’re looking for some resources to help you leverage your HR technologies in 2016, check out our Recruiting Leader Data Toolkit and get started analyzing your spend.

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