>>4 Employee Benefits and Perks to Attract Top Talent

4 Employee Benefits and Perks to Attract Top Talent

The recruitment process is just as much about candidates evaluating you, as much as you are evaluating them.

In-demand candidates, in particular, have many choices about where to work and you’ll have to sell them on your opportunity if you want to hire them. That starts with the moment you, or your direct hire agency, first engage them and continues throughout the recruitment process.

There are many things that affect a candidate’s decision to join your company – from the job description and career opportunities to your employer brand and company culture. Employee benefits and perks can also factor in, as the icing on the cake or as a major differentiator – it all depends on what you offer and what interests your candidates.

While it’s become standard to offer healthcare benefits, a time off policy and a retirement savings plan, these 4 benefits and perks can help your company stand out to top talent:

Education and training

Top talent became top talent by learning and growing professionally – and may get excited about continuing education and training. Offer a yearly allowance that can be used on manager-approved activities, such as classes, conferences, certificate programs, and software training.

In addition to allowing employees to learn things related to their current jobs, allow them to explore other interests so they can accelerate their careers and move up within your company. In addition to attracting top talent, an education and training allowance will also help with employee retention and engagement.

Remote work

Allowing your employees to work outside the office can promote a better work-life balance by reducing commute time and allowing people to work in their preferred environments. This should lead to increased productivity, as people will be more focused while they’re working, and may also allow you to recruit top talent from anywhere in the world.

Remote work arrangements can vary from a structured policy in which employees can work from home only on specific days, to a more lax policy in which employees have the freedom to work outside of the office any time.

Flex schedules

Along the same lines as remote work, allowing people to work where and when they like to work can be a big selling point for your company. This could include allowing a 4 day workweek, accommodating employees who want to shift their workdays earlier or later (i.e. 10-7), or allowing employees to split up their workday into smaller chunks (i.e. 9-3, and then 7-9).

By giving your employees options, work can better fit into their lifestyles and allow them to be more productive while they’re on the clock.

Free snacks and/or lunches

Offering a fully stocked kitchen is a big selling point for top talent, who may like the convenience of having food provided rather than having to bring their own or go out. With free snacks and lunches, employees won’t have to interrupt their work to get food and will have the energy they need to focus – increasing productivity and morale.

In addition to these ideas, get creative and find something that’s related to your mission. If you work in a non-profit, give people time to volunteer for a cause of their choice. If you manufacture cleaning supplies, offer free monthly housekeeping.

Or, if you’re in the health and fitness industry, give people a subsidized gym membership or invite a yoga instructor into the office on a weekly basis. These perks will help you attract and hire candidates that are aligned with your company’s mission.

Every company is different, and the perks that work for one won’t necessarily work for another. If you want to introduce some new employee benefits and perks to attract (and retain) top talent, start off by assessing your company culture and your employees to determine what might work best for you.

Promote your employee perks and benefits throughout your career site, social media channels, job ads and outreach messages – and make sure your direct hire agencies are promoting them as well. This will help you attract and close top talent.

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