>>3 Rules for Employers to Make Agencies Happy

3 Rules for Employers to Make Agencies Happy

The revamping of the BountyJobs Agency site was an extensive undertaking, complete with multiple hands on deck and a persistent and steadfast team.

As our customer support team remained an integral component of the final unveiling, some patterns became apparent.


With the new site, finding employer statistics is more seamless. Employer details include the number of roles currently open with the company, the turnaround rate for reviewing engagement requests and resumes, the number of fills made, and paid on time rates.

How does a direct hire agency make use of these statistics? Well, let me give you an example. On the Support team, the most common question we hear from agencies is, “How can I tell how responsive this employer will be?” Agencies want to know where to spend their time.

When we’re asked this question, we know that the answer will correlates directly to how hard that agency works on the roles posted and how motivated they are to work on that particular role. No two employers are exactly alike and different employer practices are more/less a match for different agencies. That’s why we provide the data to allow them to make their own decisions.

Accordingly, within Support we encourage our agency users to apply their own discretion when selecting a role to work on. While the details of a posted role are of prime importance, the responsiveness of the client is equally as important.

As an employer, how can you plan ahead? How can you make sure you show the agencies in the marketplace that you’ll be a solid partner, that you’ll pay on time, and that you’re good to do business with? Here are my top three rules to follow:

Rule 1: Be responsive. I’ve worked in Support for BountyJobs for some time now, and the top question I get from agencies is always, “how can I judge which employers will get back to me on time?” You might question what “on time” means but here’s where most draw the lines.

If you want to attract the best agencies to your role, respond to messages within a day or two, open candidates within a day or two and give your agencies prompt feedback on candidates (good or bad). Your open rate of candidate submissions is visible to every agency on the marketplace. And finally, communicate as much about how you like to work, including your typical response time, up front.

Rule 2: Pay on time. The percentage of invoices your company pays on time is also open and viewable by any agency on the marketplace. If you like your agency, like the candidates they provided and want your good reputation to spread, make sure your Accounts Payable pays that invoice on time!

Rule 3: Only post jobs you’re serious about filling. There’s a reason agencies can see the number of jobs open, the number you’ve filled and the number your company has filled. They simply want to know if you’re serious. On or off of BountyJobs, the application of the above mentioned rules will undoubtedly ensure increased success rates, as recruiters will be motivated to work on your roles: a win-win scenario for both parties!


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