>>3 Offbeat Tips to Ensure The Success of Your Agency Recruiters

3 Offbeat Tips to Ensure The Success of Your Agency Recruiters

Working with an external agency in any business function can sometimes seem like it creates more work than it alleviates. Working with direct hire recruiting agencies is traditionally assumed to work best after you as the employer have already established a long-term relationship with your agency.

The idea that you need a previous relationship with your direct hire recruiting agency to find success is a myth – working together effectively can bring you more success.

This is becoming more apparent for employers – especially as the market saturates with agencies. Recent data shows that an increase in the supply of agencies is leading to a market equilibrium, meaning you now have more quality direct hire recruiting agencies to choose from than ever before.

But how do you ensure that those relationships are successful? Below are three offbeat tips to ensure the success of your direct hire recruiting efforts.

Allow your direct hire agency recruiters to visit the work environment.

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Employees are happier when they fit with the company culture. In fact, Stackhands reported that companies with engaged employees outperform those without by up to 202%. Your company culture will be an important part of your direct hire agency recruiter’s mindset during his or her search.

He or she will have to get a good feel for your company culture and the work environment in which you’re hoping to assimilate your new hire. Without first-hand experience about the workplace, it’s harder for them to effectively convey your employer brand and company culture to potential candidates.

Bring them on a tour of your office. Introduce them to the hiring manager and team that your new hire will be directly working with – if they don’t already have a past relationship.

Talk about what you envision for the candidate’s potential career path.

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Among some other common questions, one of the most common that all recruiters hear is, “Will I have the potential for growth?”

It’s easy for a recruiter to respond with a simple “yes” and talk about company growth, but talking about the potential career path that a candidate will have in a certain position will be more likely to get him or her excited about the position at hand.

Give your direct hire agency recruiter a storyline to follow for their potential candidates – try to provide an understanding of how the job has the potential to evolve, what other opportunities this position will open the candidate to in the future, and the timeline that you envision fir this development.

The candidate that is on board with not only their current position, but their future with your organization, will be the candidate that’s retained and stays happy.

Take advantage of direct hire agency recruiter’s full screening process.

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Direct hire recruiters bring candidates through a screening process before their resumes ever hit your desk. Sometimes this includes background checks, proof of salary, and other information that may be pertinent to your position such as education or work experience confirmations.

If there are certain requirements that you know you need filled for a position, communicate that to your direct hire agency recruiter to ensure that he or she includes those requirements in the screening process that happens before the candidates get to you.

It can be a pain to do this multiple times if you’re working with multiple recruiting agencies. Consider hosting an agency kickoff call where recruiters can ask their most common questions all at once, and refer back to answers so you only have to answer them once.

Here at BountyJobs, we want to simplify your entire direct hire recruiting agency process. If you’re interested in learning a little bit more about how, contact us.


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