>>25 Resources to Learn Something New About Recruiting Analytics

25 Resources to Learn Something New About Recruiting Analytics

Tracking your recruiting progress is definitely going to be a big trend this year, but for many recruiters and human resources (HR) leaders, analytics are a new world – one that will require a bit of a learning curve.

This is because recruiting and talent acquisition analytics are only useful if you’re collecting and analyzing the right data for your organization. Brandon Hall Group says it best:

“In talent acquisition, performance measurements are often limited to efficiency. While this data is useful for planning budgets and managing time, it only begins to scratch the surface of much deeper process analysis.”

Where does this process analysis start? Big data and the world of analytical analysis is huge, and if you don’t know where to start, the process can seem overwhelming.

For those of you who are hoping to make recruiting analytics a top priority for your organization, but aren’t sure where to start, this list of resources will help.

E-books and Whitepapers

1. Jobvite: Recruiting Analytics: 5 Ways to Benchmark Success

This e-book takes you through five different methods for determining whether or not your recruiting efforts are successful based on the data you’ve collected.

You can see where your organization stands with common metrics like time, cost, sourcing analysis, pipeline quality, candidate quality and many others.

Read it here.

2. Jibe: Recruiting Strategy: A Comprehensive Guide to Winning the Talent War

In this guide, Jibe talks about how to leverage HR technology to gain a competitive advantage in the talent race. A lot of this has to do with tracking your process, and figuring out how to get top talent through the door using numbers.

Download it here.

3. Recruiter.com: How Recruiting Analytics Can Help You Hire Smarter

If you’re looking for a detailed overview of everything that goes into leveraging analytics for your recruiting efforts, this is the e-book you’re looking for. This guide take a dive in how to hire smarter.

Download it here.

4. Oracle: The Next Frontier in HR Analytics

We’ve talked before about how HR and people analytics aren’t new. Oracle explores the world of HR analytics and the steps the industry is making now to move to the next frontier.

This e-book includes next steps for recruiters, talent acquisition and HR leaders to allow them to refine their recruitment processes.

Read it here.

5. PeopleInsight: Analytics and Talent Acquisition

This e-book takes an internal view of recruitment analytics, showing you how to leverage your numbers to gain more credibility and influence in an organization.

Not only can recruiting analytics land you a seat at the decision-making table, but they can help your entire department align with you organization’s business objectives.

Download it here.


6. ERE Media: Big Data Recruiting – What it is, What it is Not, and Why You Need Recruiting Analytics Regardless

Analytics should be used to improve your organization’s recruitment program – otherwise they’re useless. This is the stance ERE Media takes in their exploration of recruiting analytics in the above webinar.

The webinar also dives into the nitty-gritty, getting into how to track specific campaigns, postings and social messages in ways that will help you be successful.

View the webinar here.

7. 3D Results: Tackling Talent Acquisition Analytics

In this webinar, 3D Results aims to help you use talent analytics for your own success – making sure you understand your workload, that you’re focusing on the right campaigns, and that you’re optimizing your time and outreach.

View the webinar here.

8. BWF: Understanding and Applying Talent Analytics

In order to use talent analytics in the right way, you have to understand why your organization needs them, and how they can best serve your needs. This requires an assessment of your organization and talent acquisition practices as they are now.

BWF walks you through this assessment, including things like a staffing assessment, ramp-up simulations and many other aspects of talent acquisition.

View the webinar here.

9. Jibe: Big Data Recruiter Webinar

The best way to really understand recruitment analytics is to take a look at some case studies from organizations who have used them successfully. This webinar will walk you through some success stories, and provide you with the tools and technologies you’ll need to find success with talent analytics in your own organization.

View the webinar here.

10. Glassdoor: How Talent Analytics Can Help You Develop a Recruitment Strategy

Branding, supply and demand and a competitive analysis are three of the most important aspects of talent acquisition analytics. Glassdoor will walk you through these three topics and more, while also helping you get a jump start on tracking your own recruiting campaigns.

View the webinar here.

SlideShare Presentations

11. ConocoPhillips: Journey to Recruiting Excellence

This SlideShare takes you through an in-depth analysis of how ConocoPhillips uses recruiting analytics to be successful. Learn about their people strategies and talent management processes.

View the SlideShare here.

12. Newton Software: Recruiting Analytics that Matter

There are thousands of different metrics any organization can track in the hopes of garnering some insight into its talent. This SlideShare provides an overview of where you should start.

View the SlideShare here.

13. IHBC: Recruiting Analytics: Telling the Story of a Hire – Will Staney

Social media can be powerful for recruiters when used right. This hiring story will show you why, and teach you how to refine your social processes so that you can be just as successful in your organization.

View the SlideShare here.

14. Southern Company: Best Practices in Recruiting Analytics

The road to adopting the use of recruitment analytics isn’t always smooth – and you can hardly find a roadmap to how to do it right. This SlideShare walks you through how Southern Company did it for themselves, and might provide some ideas on how you can too.

View the SlideShare here.

15. ERE Media: Talent Analytics ERE 2015

This is probably one of the most comprehensive views of the past, present and future state of analytics in the talent acquisition and recruiting industries. The SlideShare takes a detailed approach on how you can track quality of hire, as well as some new industry benchmarks.

View the SlideShare here.

Blog Posts

16. TalentCulture: Recruiting Analytics: Reducing Your Hiring Timeline

Get started with recruitment analytics by learning how to aggregate the information you probably already have, and start tracking it for the future.

Read it here.

17. InsightSquared: Recruiting Analytics: Everyone’s Doing It

How do recruitment analytics fit into an organization’s big data picture? If you need help making the case for leveraging the power of analytics in your organization, this article can help.

Read it here.

18. Recruiter.com: How Recruiting Analytics Takes Talent Acquisition From Gut to Great

You’ve heard the term, “going with your gut.” This article explores how recruiting analytics can make that phrase a thing of the past, and how they can change your recruitment results for the better.

Read it here.

19. ERE Media: 6 Steps To Getting Started With Analytics In Recruiting

If you’re looking to a short, step-by-step guide on how you can jump directly into the recruiting analytics game, ERE’s article on why analytics aren’t a “false idol,” will give you exactly what you’re looking for.

Read it here.

20. SHRM: How One Company Learned to Use Analytics to Make Smarter Hires

From the leaders of human resource management comes a comprehensive case study of how HR leaders at Opower leveraged recruiting analytics to make their hires smarter.

Read it here.


21. Recruiting Future: Ep 33: Getting Started With Recruiting Analytics

Listen to Matt Bradburn, Talent Acquisition Manager at Lyst, talk with Matt Adler of Recruiting Future about how we can’t seem to stop talking about talent analytics, and whether or not that’s a good thing.

Listen to it here.

22. RecruitingDaily Podcast: Predictive Analytics: What Big Data Means for the Future of HR

Hear a painted picture of what the future of HR will really look like after we’ve implemented analytics throughout the industry. It’s really cool, and kind of frightening.

Listen to it here.

23. TotalPicture Radio: Andrew Gadomski: How Big Data will Disrupt HR and Recruiting

Andrew Gadomski is the founder of Aspen Advisors (HR technology consultants) and a leading expert in the emerging field of workforce science. Listening to him talk about talent analytics will help you take a deeper dive into the topic, to do more than just scratch the surface.

Listen to it here.

24. Talent Analytics: Getting Started with Predictive Workforce Analytics

These are collected lessons that were learned from the early adopters of workforce analytics – they had to figure out all the bumps and turns on their own, and some of their insight are very valuable.

Listen to it here.

25. HCIPodcast: A New Perspective on Workforce Analytics in Talent Acquisition

This podcast take a dive into the hardest part of talent analytics – knowing where to start. If you don’t already subscribe to HCIPodcast, I suggest it. They always have fresh and inviting content for their HR and recruitment listeners.

Listen to it here.

Bonus Resource:

BountyJobs: The Ultimate Recruiter’s Guide to the People Analytics Debate (And How You Should Use Them)

In our recent exploration of the disparity between using people analytics to determine the right skill sets and personilty fit for your organization, we explore the worth of recruiting analytics in different areas of talent management for your organization.

Read it here.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed about analyzing your recruitment process, you’re not alone. It gets even more complicated when you incorporate the jobs you send to search. We can help you get this particular piece of your recruiting analytics under control.

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