By the Numbers: January 26, 2018

Low unemployment affects Super Bowl, Amazon adopts salary inquiry ban, hiring for diversity and employee retention are top hiring challenges, and more in this week's highlights! BountyJobs Bites Super Bowl Staffing Not a Touchdown The low 2.4% unemployment rate in Minneapolis, home of Super Bowl LII, is proving to be a challenge for event employers. It’s estimated that 150+ events are to kick off during Super Bowl week – cooks, dishwashers, servers, bartenders, security personnel, etc are in high demand. “It's absolutely crazy,” said Jerome Gerber, vice president of Award Staffing, which has turned down hundreds of staffing requests. “The companies that were coming in to manage the Super Bowl and manage all these events didn't have a proper understanding of the pay rates they were going to need to operate within the Twin Cities marketplace.” The organizers of one large downtown event called Gerber and asked him to help them find 1,000 workers. The pay? [...]

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By the Numbers: January 19, 2018

Compensation History Inquiry Ban With the start of 2018 comes the start (or continuation) of adopting new legislation. The compensation history inquiry ban has caused quite the buzz within talent acquisition, effectively making it illegal for employers to ask applicants for their compensation history when considering them for a role. By doing so, the spirit of the law is that this will pave the way for increasing pay equality – based on merit and experience – rather than looking at an applicant’s gender, race, or other characteristics. The ban has been applied in multiple locations across the United States with additional locations forthcoming. New Jersey is the latest state implementing this legislation: January 16 was Governor Phil Murphy’s first day in office – his first order of business was to adopt the salary history inquiry ban.  As of February 1, New Jersey agencies and offices will no longer be allowed to ask job candidates for their [...]

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By the Numbers: January 12, 2018

Sam's Club closing 63 stores, traditional interviews on their way out, Walmart increasing minimum wage, and more in this week's highlights! For more on trends in talent acquisition from 2017 that are informing the 2018 market, check out our report, Talent Acquisition Year in Review, available now! BountyJobs Bites 63 Sam’s Club Stores Closing Walmart is closing 63 Sam's Club stores across the U.S., affecting countless workers. Each Sam's Club warehouse employs about 175 people, meaning more than 11,000 people could be impacted. Traditional Interviews Decreasing in Effectiveness Per LinkedIn’s ‘2018 Global Recruiting Trends’ report, 63% of talent and hiring managers surveyed state that the traditional interview fails in ‘assessing candidate soft skills’. Walmart Increasing Minimum Wage Walmart is raising the minimum wage to $11 in effect in February due to new tax legislation. As well, they will be increasing maternity and parental leave benefits and assisting employees to cover adoption expenses. The ‘Sunbelt’ is Soaring Past [...]

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By the Numbers: January 5, 2018

2017 Trends Inform 2018 Talent Acquisition While hiring is set to rise, budgets are small and the number of folks expected to carry out company goals is even smaller.  While talent acquisition teams are quickly adapting to the wide world of data, many don’t know where to start and are completely overwhelmed as to what to track and why. On top of all of this, tech-savvy Millennials make up the largest portion of the workforce and are forcing a change in how hiring and sourcing are done. We’ll look at these and other trends that made an impact on 2017, challenges faced this past year, and key learnings to apply to ensure a powerful 2018 - in our 2017 Talent Acquisition Year in Review. BountyJobs Bites Top Sought After ‘Hard and Soft Skills’ in 2018 Per a new LinkedIn Learning report, cloud and distributed computing, statistical analysis and data mining top the ‘hard skills’ sought [...]

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